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Fazer Alku Oat Heart Millet 400 g


Fazer Alku Oat Heart Millet 400 g is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Oats with a big heart - crunchy oat hearts from gentle oats.

No added sugar, no additives, 74% whole grain, high in fiber.

Rouskuva's crunchy Fazer ALKU cereal is made from Finnish grain. The products are sweetened with fresh apple juice. They do not contain any added sugar or additives, the taste comes from real berries and fruits.

Fazer ALKU cereals contain plenty of whole-grain oats, whose fibers soothe the stomach. In addition, oats contain protein and beta-glucan, which helps preserve e.g. normal cholesterol level.* The products have been awarded the Finnish Heart Association's Better Choice heart label.

Fazer ALKU cereals are suitable for breakfast or as a snack, to be eaten with milk, oat drink or yogurt, or to be nibbled on their own.

The products are manufactured at Fazer's mill in Sweden.

Whole grain OAT flour (74%), BARLEY starch, apple juice concentrate, BARLEY malt extract, salt.

TäysjyväKAURAjauho (74 %), OHRAtärkkelys, omenamehutiiviste, OHRAmallasuute, suola.