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FAQ New webshop pages

Do you have questions about transferring a customer account or gift cards in the new online store? Here we collect the most frequently asked questions about the exchange.
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Suomikauppa.fi uudistuu! -20% CLEARANCE SALE

Suomikauppa.fi uudistuu! -20% CLEARANCE SALE

Verkkokaupan uuteen versioon vaihtamisen kunniaksi Suomikaupassa on nyt -20% LOPPUUNMYYNTIALE käynnissä! 30.9.2022 asti.

To celebrate us finally switching to a newer, better-looking online store, we are holding a -20% CLEARANCE SALE! Until 30.9.2022.

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Fedexillä mahdollisia viivästyksiä toimituksissa

Possible delays in deliveries with Fedex

Fedex may experience delays in delivery. Most of the problems have been solved, but local delays may still occur.

Please check with Fedex for possible delays in your country from the official announcement .

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