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Finland mug 3dl


A fresh blue and white mug assortment that has a Finnish-Finland feel. There are two different mugs in the assortment: Mug with the flag of Finland and Mug Suomi Finland with text. The inside and the rim of the mugs are white, and their capacity is 3 dl. To the home, to the cottage or as a fireplace.

The first snow flutters to the ground, and the landscape is covered in a white mantle. Go skiing! Go skiing! Up the hill! To build snowmen! To skate! What wonderful things lie ahead, as long as the kinos grow and the Finnish winter shows its beauty. However, while waiting for the winter joys, you can still enjoy a cup of warm drink in peace, slip on woolen socks and enjoy the beauty of the Finnish winter for a moment. The Suomi mug beautifully reproduces the colors of the winter landscape, blue sky and white snowflakes. Or bring a distant memory of them somewhere warm.

The high-quality ceramic Mug can withstand washing in the dishwasher as well as heating in the microwave and oven. The mug is easy to combine with other dishes thanks to its light color. For passionate athletes, Finns at heart, those who miss their homeland, and those who enjoy the peaceful Finnish landscape. At home or far away, Finnishness goes with you.

Color Blue, white
Material Ceramics
Tonnage 3 dl
Washing instructions Machine washable
Dimensions 11 x 9 x 8.5 cm
Weight 0.275 kg