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Sisu Xylitol salmiakki lozenge 36g


"A classic from a time when men were made of iron and ships were made of wood and Sisujak was only one variety.

Everything is better now: The ships are made of fiberglass, the men are made of steel, and even the classic-sized Sisujak is already available in five different varieties."

Ingredients: sweeteners (xylitol 26%, maltitol syrup), thickener (gum arabic), ammonium chloride, licorice extract, stabilizer (sorbitol), flavors, salt, surface treatment (vegetable oil), color (E153)

makeutusaineita (ksylitolia 26%, maltitolisiirappia), sakeuttamisainetta (arabikumia), ammoniumkloridia (=salmiakkia), lakritsiuutetta, suolaa, aromeja, kasviöljyjä (kookos, palmu), väriä (E153).