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BLUE PRODUCT Multi-purpose mop 40 cm, padding and 10 cloths


Cleaning is easy with the SINI Multi-functional mop. The SINI Multi-purpose mop is an effective multi-purpose tool for cleaning all floor surfaces in the home. The package contains the body part of the Multi-purpose mop, padding and 10 pieces of dust cloths.

The joint of the mop flexibly sweeps under even low furniture and it is easy to attach cleaning cloths to the push buttons. The edges of the mop are cushioned, so it does not knock furniture or moldings. In addition, the renewed flat base of the mop increases the cleaning power. The width of the mop is 40 cm.

Instructions for use and care: The body part of the multi-purpose mop should be rinsed from time to time. If lint is left on the bottom stickers, you can remove it by first soaking the body part in lukewarm water, and then brushing the stickers with a soft-bristle dish brush or a nail brush.

The multifunctional mop is a key ticket product manufactured in Finland.