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Royal Mint Toffee crunchy chocolate bar 190g


Royal - for a life of your own taste. The renewed Royal is rich
chocolate pleasure, where the shape and taste of the chocolate bar create a delicious, individual flavor. Royal Minttu - Toffee croissant chocolate bar contains milk chocolate and crunchy mint croissant. The album is perfect both for your own indulgence and for sharing with family or friends. All Royal chocolates are made from Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate.

sokeria, kaakaovoita*, TÄYSMAITOJAUHETTA, kaakaomassaa*, rasvatonta MAITOJAUHETTA, herajauhetta (MAIDOSTA), inverttisokerisiirappia, voita (MAIDOSTA), glukoosisiirappia, MAITORASVAA, emulgointiainetta (auringonkukkalesitiiniä), luontaista vanilja-aromia, suolaa, happamuudensäätöainetta (natriumvetykarbonaattia), luontaista aromia. *Rainforest Alliance Certified™