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Piltti 250g Potato and salmon children's meal 1-3 years 12 pcs


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Easily tasty fish for the day. Piltti Potato and Salmon is a tasty fish meal for a toddler. The product combines salmon, plenty of vegetables and rich cream. We have used dill, parsley and white pepper for seasoning. The product contains plenty of vegetables (40%). This meal is designed for children over 1 year of age and has larger pieces to practice chewing. Enjoy your meal!

Peruna 30%, vesi, rasvaton MAITO, LOHI 8,7%, bataatti, herneet, maissitärkkelys, KERMA, rypsiöljy, sitruunamehutiiviste, suola, tilli, persilja, valkopippuri. Sisältää 40% kasviksia.