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Paulig Café Havana coffee filter grinding 450 g


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Paulig Café Havana is a strong, full-bodied and smoky nutty filter coffee that is especially good for lovers of dark roasted and strong coffee. Part of Paulig's urban coffee series, Paulig Café Havana is inspired by Cuban coffee culture, where coffee is traditionally drunk as espresso made in a mocha pot and sweetened with cane sugar. Paulig Café Havana, roasted darkly in the Cuban way, is a great end to a long meal or a refreshing treat to break up a hectic afternoon. Enjoy with sweet desserts such as vanilla ice cream or pastries flavored with pineapple. Paulig Café Havana filter coffee is made from carefully selected Arabica beans from Latin America and flavored with a touch of Asian robusta. Roasting level 4.

The UTZ certificate granted to the product ensures and verifies the responsible production method of coffee.

• Dark, strong and rich coffee inspired by Cuban coffee culture
• Best after a long meal as a dessert coffee or during a coffee break as an afternoon refresher
• Preparation using the filter method or the Cuban way in a nut pan