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Martinex Moomin Summer Day mini box


Two summer mini-boxes with a colorful and sunny Moomin-themed illustration. The size of the box is 10 x 2 x 6.5 cm. The small tin box has hinges, and the lid opens beautifully. The assortment includes two mini boxes with different pictures. For Moomin-like days!

On the cover of the first box, it's a summer day in Moomin World. The sky is a beautiful blue, and the sun is creating rays, spreading joy and warmth around. The residents of Moomin Valley are outside enjoying themselves and the fresh colors of the flowers. Moominpappa and Moominma, Primadonna's horse, Mymmeli, Little Myy, Niiskunenieti, Snuffamukkunen, Nipsu and Louska look together not only at the landscape but also at Moomin, who is their dear friend. On a sunny, hot summer day, life is light, happy and wonderful!

The cover of the second box has a picture of a charming flower meadow with a beautiful blue sky above it. On a bright summer day, the colors of the flowers repeat themselves more beautifully, and even the butterflies flutter here and there happily. Moomin has gone to pick flowers, and has already collected a beautiful bouquet. Is he going to take it to Niiskuneiid, who is looking thoughtfully at Moomin's fury in the distance. Niiskuneiti has decorated herself with a red flower and a string of pearls, and has clearly checked her overall appearance in a small mirror. There is a delightful, wonderful atmosphere in the air!

The illustration of the lovely mini boxes brings a summer atmosphere to even a gray day. You can store plasters, buttons or any small necessities or treasures in the tin mini jar. Also perfect as a gift or gift package

Product number 61256353
Color Blue, multicolored
Material Sheet metal
Washing instructions Hand wash, dry carefully
Dimensions 10 x 2 x 6.5 cm
Weight 0.035 kg