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Processor 400g Dill meat


Jalostaja Dilliha is a traditional classic. Lactose-free Dilliha, ready without heating, is a clever way to save busy everyday life.

Jalostaja's canned food is easy, made in Finland, to make everyday life easier. Our cans are easy to sort - just put the rinsed can in the metal collection. All of the processor's cans will remain unopened at room temperature for a long time.

Vesi, sianliha (40 %), kastikejauhe [mm. rasvajauhe (kasviöljy, glukoosisiirappi), maltodekstriini, aromit (mm. VEHNÄ, SOIJA, arominvahvenne (E621, E627, E631)), mausteuutteet (mm. SELLERI, dextroosi), mausteet, rapsiöljy, kovetettu kasvirasva, emulgointiaine (E471)], etikka, sokeri, muunneltu maissitärkkelys, tilli, suola. Suolapitoisuus 0,9 %. Lihapitoisuus 35 % (140 g paistettua lihaa).