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Refiner 190g Spanish Stew


Jalostaja's Spanish stew is a quick everyday dish that tastes good even to the busiest cooks in the kitchen. The unopened package can be stored for a long time in a dry place at room temperature.

Jalostaja's stew ingredients made in Finland are classics of Finnish ready-made food. With pot ingredients, you can easily and quickly prepare tasty home food, because the handy bags contain all the dry ingredients needed for the meal. Easy, especially for a beginner or a busy cook!

Riisi (60 %), maissimaltodekstriini, mausteet (paprika, sipuli, tomaatti, korianteri, valkosipuli, juustokumina, kumina, inkivääri, kurkuma, chili), sokeri, suola, herne, muunneltu perunatärkkelys, aromit (liha, mustapippuri, sarviapila), rypsiöljy. Suolapitoisuus nautintavalmiissa tuotteessa noin 0,8 %. Tuote saattaa sisältää jäänteitä gluteenista, maidosta ja sinapista.