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Blå Band Warm Cup lactose-free Chicken Tandoori soup 3x21g


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Lämmin Kuppi Chicken Tandoori is a delicious, drinkable soup. Are you thirsty for something good or do you need a boost? Boil water and enjoy a cup at home or at work - indoors or outdoors.

A warm cup - a good reason to take a short break.

Authentic flavors For us, a good, natural taste is the most important thing in food. That is why we do not add flavor enhancers to our products. We only choose the best ingredients that suit the Nordic taste. Blå Band - authentic flavors.

Ingredients: corn starch, maltodextrin, palm fat, salt, potato starch, flavoring, apple, red pepper, glucose syrup, yeast extract, onion, chicken 2.1%, leek, curry, chili, dyes: E 160e, E 160c, MILK PROTEIN, emulsifier: E 451, oregano, acid: citric acid, cumin, garlic, antioxidant: rosemary extract. Strongly salty.

Maissitärkkelys, maltodekstriini, palmurasva, suola, perunatärkkelys, aromi, omena, punainen paprika, glukoosisiirappi, hiivauute, sipuli, kana 2,1 %, purjosipuli, curry, chili, väriaineet: E 160e, E 160c, MAITOPROTEIINI, emulgointiaine: E 451, oregano, happo: sitruunahappo, juustokumina, valkosipuli, hapettumisenestoaine: rosmariiniuute. Voimakassuolainen.