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Blå Band Warm cup low-lactose Cheese-Broccoli soup 3x23g


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Lämmin Kuppi Juusto-Broccoli is a delicious, drinkable soup. Are you thirsty for something good or do you need a boost? Boil water and enjoy a cup at home or at work - indoors or outdoors. The cheesy soup also tastes like red pepper, scallion and onion.

Ingredients: corn starch, maltodextrin, palm fat, aroma (contains MILK), potato starch, salt, glucose syrup, broccoli 3.5%, whey powder (from MILK), CHEESE powder 2.2%, red pepper, MILK PROTEIN, yeast extract, emulsifier: E 451, sorrel , turmeric, rice flour.

1. Empty the contents of the bag into a mug.
2. Add 2 dl of boiling water and mix.
3. Mix thoroughly to the bottom. Let it sit for a minute.

The salt content of the product prepared according to the instructions is 0.7%.

Maissitärkkelys, maltodekstriini, palmurasva, aromi (sisältää MAITOA), perunatärkkelys, suola, glukoosisiirappi, parsakaali 3,5 %, herajauhe (MAIDOSTA), JUUSTOJAUHE 2,2 %, punainen paprika, MAITOPROTEIINI, hiivauute, emulgointiaine: E 451, kirveli, kurkuma, riisijauho.